Happy New Year to all of our friends. Let's make 2024 an exciting year

Rusper Farm 2020 New Year deal


We at Rusper Farm welcome our customers into 2020 with a 15%-off Discount Code 'NY2020' which will be active all of January 2020. The code can only be applied one time per existing or new customer, so be sure you order everything you will need. The discount will cover the full order amount on orders of £10 or more. To activate the 15% discount, add the code NY2020 at check-out.

This New Year Discount is only available to our customers on the www.rusper-farm.co.uk website, whilst the pricing on our eBay and Amazon shops will remain unchanged.

With January being the beginning of the planting season for unrooted trees and root cuttings, why not bag a bargain when it's available?

Offer closes at midnight on the 31/1/2020

Best of 2020 wishes

Carsten & Alison