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Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting the new Rusper Farm webshop.

We have been embarking on opening an online ‘nursery/farm shop’ for more than 5 years, but as with growing trees and plants, good things take time.  We have in the meantime been offering our products for sale on eBay, where we are proud to have serviced more than 4,000 customers over the last 8 years.  We will continue to offer some of our products on eBay and from this year also on Amazon, but the Rusper Farm webshop will be the place to go for the full catalogue.

Our trees and plants are all grown on our small farm in Rusper, near Horsham in West Sussex.

As our existing customers will know, we have for a number of years offered tree and plant products for replanting.  Our most popular item is Willow which we offer as living whips (entire branches) and living cuttings (setts).  We grow 12 types of willow but have so far only offered Salix viminalis to our customers.  The new webshop will allow us to offer the other more ornamental types of willow also.

We have also for several years offered Comfrey products.  Comfrey is an herbaceous perennial prized by organic and permaculture gardeners who use it as a natural fertiliser.  It dies back to below ground level in the autumn, with new foliage appearing in the spring.  Our Comfrey products, which are of the vigorous but non-spreading “Bocking-14” variety (Symphytum x uplandicum), are offered as either root cuttings or as plants of various sizes.  We are also looking at offering pre-rooted juvenile plants in future.

Another root product we offer is our one-year old Horseradish roots.  Horseradish for kitchen use has become almost impossible to find in the shops, and we now sell thousands of roots for replanting every year.  We are often asked if we can supply kitchen-ready horseradish, which so far we have been unable to do but we are hoping to change that in the future.

We have for years also grown authentic Hazelnut trees.  Unlike the type of hazel found in hedgerows, these trees produce an abundance of hazelnuts.  We intend to start propagating the trees next season which will mean we could offer young authentic trees in a couple of years’ time.

Our future plans also include growing liquorice, which is appearing more and more frequently in modern cuisine.  These are also root-based products which we will be excited to offer.

The Rusper Farm webshop will be the go-to place for all that we offer to our customers.  We are also embarking on strengthening our social media efforts, as that is where we want to maintain an ongoing dialogue with customers, friends and followers.

We are excited about the future and hope you will support Rusper Farm in supporting you in some of your gardening needs.

Carsten Ringsing

December 2019