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Comfrey Root Cuttings (Bocking-14) - 6/12/24 pieces
Comfrey Root Cuttings (Bocking-14) - 6/12/24 pieces
Comfrey Root Cuttings (Bocking-14) - 6/12/24 pieces

Comfrey Root Cuttings (Bocking-14) - 6/12/24 pieces

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Plant : Russian Comfrey
Hybrid : Bocking-14
Type : Symphytum × uplandicum

root cuttings for plant propagation, cuttings circa 10m in length, thickness and shape will vary.
The root flesh is white but will turn brown as root juices seep out and the cut becomes quite sticky.
Using root cuttings in the propagation of Russian Comfrey is the ONLY method of starting new plants, but it is not a fast process.
The root cutting will NOT regrow, but new root shoots will come off the root-cutting and start off a new plant. It will typically take 6-12
weeks to get results, but the strike rate is normally near 100%. Patience is a virtue.
Common Comfrey is a plant which propagates by seeds and can become invasive. Russian Comfrey (Bocking 14) however is a hybrid where the seeds are sterile why the plant will not spread. Root cuttings are the ONLY way to propagate this plant.

There are many uses of Comfrey, and we will refer to the literature of these. The main use we are interested in is the use of the plant as an organic
fertiliser for other plants. The foliage is very rich in NPK (almost on par with oil-based fertilizers), and can be harvested up to 5 times a season.
The harvested foliage can be added to compost, added directly onto potato or tomato beds, or it can be made into so-called Comfrey-Tea.

Russian Comfrey plants also attract honeybees and bumblebees every summer. Of all the trees and plants we grow, our Comfrey is by
far the preferred food source for the local bees.

We offer the Russian Comfrey root cuttings in quantities of 6/12/24.

Packaging :
Root cuttings are either wrapped in a brown paper bag or white absorbent paper, which is posted in a Large Letter format cardboard box.

Planting Instructions:
Printed Rusper Farm Planting Instructions for Comfrey Bocking 14 is included in post-it bag.

We generally keep stock of these, why we post on day we receive order or payment

We post the root cuttings as RM Large Letter 1st Class, so the package will generally be delivered the day after ordering or the following day at the latest.