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Corporate Tree-Planting Day
Corporate Tree-Planting Day

Corporate Tree-Planting Day

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As part of the Rusper Farm Advisory Services, we now offer to facilitate and host corporate Tree-Planting Programs.

In an effort to aid the overall Tree-Planting efforts in the UK, we offer schools and companies to facilitate and host internal Tree-Planting Programs.

The immediate focus of the Tree-Planting Program is to conduct a successful Tree-Planting Event with staff or students, guided by Rusper Farm instructors.  The primary objective of the program though is to establish not just awareness for all involved, but also build a deeper understanding of the factors that affect the carbon economy and how it affect the climate changes. The idea is that the corporation or educational institutions after completion of the Tree-Planting Program will be able to repeat similar events without external instructors in the future.

The program will always be bespoke in nature, but will generally always include the following elements:


  • Pre-planning meeting with the client (define scope/roles/responsibilities)
  • Planning with the client (project plan & all needed collateral)

Execution (Tree-Planting Day)

  • Introductions
  • The role of Trees in the global environment (subject awareness)
  • The  Carbon Quiz
  • The science of the Tree-Planting Day (what will be accomplished)
  • Briefing before Planting (practicalities, tool usage etc.)
  • Planting
  • Debriefing

Post-Effort Review (optional)

  • Review of the Tree Planting Day efforts
  • Setting up an Internal Carbon-Chaser Team (CCT)
  • identifying objectives and KPI's for the internal CCT
  • Discussing ongoing relationship with Rusper Farm Advisory Services

Prices of Rusper Farm Advisory Services are guidelines only and subject to change depending on scope and location.